Lab and Supply Fees


Request a New Lab Fee (PDF)
Change an Existing Lab Fee (PDF)

Academic Affairs Policy Statement No. 4.07-14

The dean of each academic unit (college/school) is responsible for maintaining a balance between the instructional costs incurred by the unit and the minimum fee charged to each student. Academic departments wishing to add or modify Lab/Supply Fees on the Bursar’s Office List of Approved Courses must provide a written justification that includes documentation of the costs incurred in teaching the courses and a response to the basic criteria outlined below. An electronic form to request a new lab/supply fee can be found by accessing (PDF). If an increase or decrease of an existing fee is required, please access (PDF).  The department head must forward the justification to his/her dean for approval. Requests approved by the dean should be forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction for final approval.  The OVPI will send approved requests to the Bursar.

  • Items covered by the fee must be clearly identifiable, and they must be essential to the student’s completion of the course. Specifically, absence of the items covered by the fee would prevent student success in the course.
  • There must be equivalent treatment of all students, so that no disparity exists between courses that use the items and charge the fee and courses that use the identical items and do not charge the fee.
  • Items covered by the fee must be unique and unavailable through other practical means for use in the specific course, and all students enrolled in the course must be required to pay the fee.
  • The same fee should apply to all sections of the course within a given semester. Students in May session sections should be charged the same fee as those in the regular and short summer sessions.

The approved list of courses requiring Lab/Supply Fees will be maintained in the Bursar’s Office as well as in a data table in the OASIS Registration system. The fee is the actual cost expended to provide supplies, materials, and maintenance of specialized instructional equipment in undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses. It is not intended as a means of recouping ordinary and usual costs related to the instructional process. Examples of allowable and non-allowable fees are listed below.

Examples of Allowable and Non-Allowable Lab/Supply Fees

Allowable Fees

  • Items given to students in lab/supply kits (e.g., art supplies, test tubes).
  • Items consumed by students during a course (e.g., chemicals, paper, toner).
  • Yearly maintenance contracts on specialized equipment dedicated solely to instruction (e.g., magnetic resonance spectrometer, rapid prototype printer); the added cost per student may not exceed $25 per course.
  • Any tool or device used in a course that has an expected life of one year or less, is an operational item (no property tag), and is used to transform expendable items to a product needed for success in the course (e.g., sculpture chisel, electronic components).
  • Instructional computing site license fees not eligible for Student Technology Fee funds.

Non-allowable Fees

  • Items eligible for Student Technology Fee funds.
  • Items costing over $5,000 and carrying a property tag.
  • Furnishings,  utilities costs (e.g., telephones) and similar items covered by state funds.
  • Salaries or stipends for personnel.