January 23, 2018 04:08 pm

The UGA Advantage: Double Dawgs Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degrees

Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degree Pathway Programs 

A dual degree pathway is a combination of two separate, approved degree programs.  Dual degree pathways that combine undergraduate and graduate programs at the University enable undergraduate students to complete a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree within 5 years. Dual degree pathways can be offered within one department and discipline or can be offered across departments, schools, or colleges.

The University currently offers 11 dual undergraduate/graduate degree pathways, many of which have been in existence for several years, and Honors students have long benefited from the ability to pursue dual bachelor’s/graduate degrees. By streamlining the processes for creating additional Double Dawgs pathways and making them available to all qualified students, we aim to significantly increase the number of linked undergraduate/graduate degree pathways UGA offers. Details about the implementation of the Double Dawgs Program are outlined below.

Double Dawgs - Dual Degree Pathway Proposal Process

1. The Double Dawgs Program is based on the Academic Affairs Dual Degree Policy

  • Policy includes clarification that 12 graduate hours can satisfy requirements for both the undergraduate and graduate degree
  • Undergraduate students have the option to use 12 elective hours to take graduate-level courses

2. Faculty develop proposal using online form 
        Sample Completed Proposal Form
          Sample Program of Study

3. The proposals will require the following approval routing:

  • Department Heads, Deans
  • Curriculum Systems – will facilitate routing through:
        Graduate School (administrative approval)
        Office of Instruction (administrative approval)

The Office of Curriculum Systems is available to provide assistance in developing and preparing proposals:, 706-542-6358.