June 25, 2017 08:00 am

University Curriculum Committee

The University Curriculum Committee, one of the standing committees of the University Council, is responsible for developing curriculum policies and procedures for the University of Georgia; reviewing proposed degrees, majors, minors, new courses, and course changes; and handling other matters related to curriculum.

University Curriculum Committee Members 2016-2017

Chair Dr. Alison F. Alexander 2017
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dr. Elizabeth L. Little 2019
Arts and Sciences Dr. Sujata Iyengar (Arts) 2018
Arts and Sciences Dr. Rodney Mauricio (Sciences) 2017
Business Dr. Myra L. Moore 2017
Ecology Dr. Sonia M. Altizer 2019
Education Dr. Seock-Ho Kim 2017
Engineering Dr. Sudhagar Mani 2018
Environment and Design Mr. David Spooner 2017
Family and Consumer Sciences Dr. Patricia Hunt-Hurst 2018
Forestry and Natural Resources Dr. John C. Maerz 2018
Journalism and Mass Communication Dr. Jay Hamilton 2017
Law Ms. Elizabeth Weeks Leonard 2017
Pharmacy Dr. Robin Southwood 2019
Public and International Affairs Dr. Robert Grafstein 2018
Public Health Dr. Anne Marie Zimeri 2019
Social Work Dr. David O. Okech 2018
Veterinary Medicine Dr. Kira L. Epstein 2018
Graduate School Dr. Timothy L. Foutz 2017
Ex officio Member Provost Pamela S. Whitten Indefinite
Undergraduate Student Representative Ms. Gabrielle Roth 2017
Graduate Student Representative Ms. Ashley E. Fallaize 2017