June 25, 2017 08:02 am

Educational Affairs Committee

Educational Affairs Committee Bylaws and Operating Procedures
Policy (Section 4.05-01) Academic Appeals at the University of Georgia (pdf)
Policy (Section 4.05-02) Hearing Procedures – Educational Affairs Committee (pdf)
Policy (Sections 4.05-03) Routing of Academic Appeals (pdf)

The Educational Affairs Committee is a 13-member committee of the University Council that considers and recommends educational policies to the University Council and also hears student appeals on academic matters.

Educational Affairs Committee Members 2016-2017

Chair, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
(also representing Forestry and
Natural Resources)
Dr. Jean Williams-Woodward 2017
Arts and Sciences Dr. Barbara Biesecker (Arts) 2019
Arts and Sciences Dr. Steven Lewis (Sciences) 2019
Arts and Sciences Dr. Mark Farmer (Sciences) 2019
Business Dr. Marisa Pagnattaro 2017
Education Dr. Diane Cooper 2017
Environment and Design
(also representing Public Health,
Social Work, and Ecology)
Mr. David Spooner 2017
Family and Consumer Sciences Dr. Andy Carswell 2017
Journalism and Mass Communication Dr. Jeong-Yeob Han 2018
Public and International Affairs Dr. Andy Owsiak 2017
Veterinary Medicine
(also representing Pharmacy, Law,
and Engineering)
Dr. Shannon Holmes 2017
Ex officio Member Provost Pamela Whitten Indefinite
Provost - Designee Dr. Rahul Shrivastav Indefinite
Undergraduate Student Representative Mr. Jacob Fucetola 2017
Graduate Student Representative Ms. Ashley Fallaize 2017